Out and About oil 90cm w x 122cm h

Mob oil 76cm w x 40cm h

Column oil 25cm w x 95cm h

What Fresh Hell Is This oil 61cm w x 45cm h

Untitled acrylic 60cm w x 90cm h

Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth oil 45cm w x 36cm h

Something in the Air oil 61cm w x 76cm h

Maenads oil 35cm w x 46cm h

Washtub oil SOLD

Joie de Vivre acrlic DONATED

Memories oil SOLD

A Moment oil 40cm w x 50cmh

Restless oil 60cm w x 54cm h

Looking Back oil 30cm w x 40cm h

The Watchers oil 20cm w x 20cm h

Stormy Seas

Stormy Seas oil 30cmw x 40cmh

Swamp oil 30cm w x 40cm h

Event Horizon acrylic COMMISSION

Twigs oil SOLD