High Anxiety oil 30cm w x 40cm h

Lola oil 28cm w x 28cm h

Jude oil 60cm w x 91cm h

Send in the Clowns acrylic 91cm w x 61cm h

Barefoot in the Park oil 50cmw x 60cm h 

Man Standing oil 22.5cm w x 30cm h

Banquet oil 100cm w x 70cm h

Dinner Party oil 120cm w x 88cm h

Little Miss Grumpy Pants acrylic 50cm w x 60cm h

Cat and Girl at Sea collage and oil

30cm w x 30cm h

Cafe oil 30cm w x 40cm h

Dancing Queen oil 46cm w x 62cm h

Narcissistic Tendencies oil 60cm w x 60cm h

No holds Barred acrylic 90cm w x 120cm h

Dancing With Fire acrylic SOLD

Peak Hour oil 80cm w x 80cm h

Woman Sleeping oil 60cm w x 30cm h

City Boy oil 60cm w x 90cm h

Bored as Fuck oil trptich each 15cm w x 40cm h

Music Man oil 76cm w x 60cm h

Teenager oil 20cm w x 30cm h

Woman with the Long Golden Hair oil

49cm w x 50cm h

Kalista acrylic COMMISSION

Avieth acylic COMMISSION

Homeless and Hungry oil 92cm w x 60cm h

Water World acrylic SOLD


Cherie oil DONATED

Self Portrait in Collage, on paper

29cm w x 41cm h

Fluidity acrylic 50cm w x 60cm h

Jeff oil 60cm w x 76cm h

Disenchanted acrylic 50cm w x 60cm h


Fragmented oil 20cm w x 20cm h

Self Portrait with a Mask oil 

51cm w x 76cm h

Walt acrylic 50cm w x 70cm h

Just Looking oil 60cm w x 76cm h