Streetscape with Grafitti 76cm w x 76cm h

Streetscape with 7Eleven 91cm w x 91cm h

Jeff 60cm w x 60cm h

 La Trobe 60cm w x 92cm h

Peds Crossing1 oil 122cm w x 40cm h

Sunrise oil SOLD

Caledonian Lane oil 91cm w x 60cm h 



Doorstep oil 30cm w x 40 cm h

Out for a Stroll oil

38cm w x 115cm h

Woman in a Pink Coat oil 30cm w x 40cm h

Neon City oil 90cm w x 90cm h

Coffee Stop oil 91cm w x 61cm h

In Search of Coffee oil 96cm w x 96cm h

Wired oil

30cm w x 60cm h

A Place in the Sun oil

30cm w x 60cm h

Trail Laneway oil

61cm w x 91cm h

Rooftops oil102cm w x 81cm h

Peds Crossing2 oil 61cm w x 61cm h

Night Out oil 107cm w x 81cm h

The Burbs oil 61cm w x 91cm h

Streetscape Evening oil 89cm w x 145cm h

Hanging Around oil 121cm w x 91cm h

Spring oil 80cm w x 40cmh

Urban Tree oil 40cm w x 50cm h

By The Bins oil 152cm w x 91cm h