Domestic Bliss

Suddenly our lives were turned upside down. Almost overnight we found ourselves in hard lockdown, unable to leave our homes except for essentials. Everyone outside our immediate environment became suspect, as they could potentially make us sick, or even die.

Domestic Bliss is set in Melbourne during the overwhelming global pandemic of 2020. During this time our home became our refuge; but after months of lockdown it began to feel like a gilded cage. Humans are social animals, and being deprived of new and varied experiences left us depleted. Trapped, we began to grow restless and listless by turns.

We view the works as though walking through a house, making our way through each room as the residents go about their business, unaware they are being observed. While the rooms are colourful and inviting, the figures themselves seem washed out, suspended in a strange, dreamy reality.

A cat wanders through the works, the ultimate symbol of both domesticity and freedom. Never truly tamed it quietly bides its time, waiting for night and the opportunity to be out on a marauding 'hunt and kill' expedition.

Welcome to Domestic Bliss.

This is the floor plan of the house we lived in during lockdown. Each room of the house is represented by a painting, as well as the front and backyard. You are invited to take a walk through!

Front Yard acrylic & oil 60cm w x 91cm h

Front Verandah ink,acrylic & oil 152cm w x 102cm h

Bedroom 2 oil 40cm w x 30cm h

Bedroom 1 ink,acrylic & oil 90cm w x 60cmh

Bedroom 3 ink,acrylic & oil 90cm w x 60cm h

Lounge Room ink,acrylic& oil 117cm w x 117cm h

Dining Room ink,acrylic & oil 122cm w x 91cm h

Kitchen oil 60cm w x 90cm h

Toilet acrylic & oil 60cm w x 80cm h

Clothes Line acrylic & oil 116cm w x 119cm h